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welcome to executive headhunters international


We are specialists in finding and securing professionals and senior management for our clients on an international level. As true headhunters, we do not rely on extensive databases, but rather confidentially target key people across all industry sectors and levels. We are experts at finding the exact type of individual taking into account the personality of your company and the type of skills that will add real value to your team and stay the course.


At executive headhunters international, we have a wealth of experience gained within blue-chip organisations and smaller organisations, so we understand the frustrations and pitfalls of searching for and recruiting high-calibre individuals.


Executive headhunters have achieved notable successes, both within the UK and internationally, by headhunting in all sectors for all vacancies but especially at senior levels including sales, marketing and management for companies of all sizes.

Executive search recruitment can be an enjoyable journey for all involved; sadly this is not often the case for some companies and we welcome the opportunity to demonstrate how we make a difference.

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